He says, She says workshop

The field of neuroscience is opening up new findings for us faster than ever before. Stephanie will take you on an exploration of how men and women communicate differently in the workplace.

New technology is giving us a way of looking inside the living brain, producing an explosion of new information. And that knowledge has led to a greater understanding of the different ways in which men and women operate in the workplace. We’ve always known we do things in different ways, but now neuroscience can pinpoint more accurately the reasons why signals are misread and words are misinterpreted, why actions are taken or ignored.

This enlightening and entertaining workshop lasts 3 hours and after an initial plenary session covering some of the basic differences between male and female brains, attendees will move into break-out groups for scenario-based exercises, and then back into plenary for final thoughts and questions.

What attendees will get out of this course:

  • an understanding of the major brain differences between men and women and why they matter at work. This will include: differences in our thinking styles, emotional responses, our senses and memory processing
  • practical brain-based tools for preventing conflict and promoting co-operation between the sexes
  • exercises to think through how you can overcome some of the sex-based blocks to effective male and female working styles
  • summary sheets of neuroscience basics and recommended reading/websites