I’ve been in the business of communicating all my life, including 18 years with the BBC. My own learning and therefore my advice and courses don’t come from a book; they come from practical life experience.

I work with major, blue chip corporations, across many sectors, primarily with multinational CEOs and their teams. I coach not only individuals and small groups, but also deliver larger-scale programmes with my expert team of associates.

The strength of my training lies in its simplicity. It’s practical. You don’t sit around, you “do”, because I believe that delivers the most effective results.

What Clients Say

Stephanie is very inspiring: she absolutely knows what she is talking about and is able to explain these issues clearly (of course!)
“Many thanks for your time last Friday. Feedback from my latest assessment was that it was “transformational”!!
I just wanted to thank you for setting up the “Personal Impact” trainings, which have been the best sessions by far I have experienced in the context of ongoing education programmes.
Stephanie certainly helped us …we produced and delivered 23 presentations over 3 days including CEO’s and board level representatives.
Stephanie, I would like to thank you personally for whipping us into shape. Without you we would have made a poor showing; instead we are all proud of what we achieved.
Stephanie’s support on the project was particularly valuable at the early stages, as we were struggling to articulate our USP. Her probing, challenging questions helped to distil our offer.
Stephanie added huge value to our presentation skills …by ensuring the team remain focused on the task, instilling confidence in the staff through coaching and motivational techniques and ensuring the team remained calm.
I had no doubts that quality and hard work would eventually pay back. This is also your success as much as ours. I look forward to working with you again on other projects.
Stephanie, the presentations went really well. We got a lot of positive feedback. Thank you for your support. I think you really made a difference in giving us the confidence in presenting ourselves and, in the end, having more interest from potential buyers.
There is no doubt without our day beforehand it would not have come close to what was finally achieved.
Stephanie, thank you for your help. The meeting was the most successful I have ever been lucky enough to have been involved in, and as a direct result the customer revisited his plans for restructuring and has rewarded us with a monumental amount of additional work
There is no doubt that without our time with Stephanie beforehand we would not have come close to what was finally achieved. This is also your success as much as ours.
Stephanie succeeded in helping us to identify and distil the most important information from an overwhelming amount of information received from various sources…….despite the pressured/ high stress situation, the team came back saying how much fun they’d had.

Our Clients