My career as a BBC presenter means I have had experience of everything from a remote studio with no human beings around (just a microphone and headset in front of me, and a green screen behind!), to walking out on stage to an audience of 15,000. My training is practical, not theoretical. And fun. You will gain tools and techniques that work, backed up with summary sheets, work books, and articles to inspire. I also have specialist coaching skills to help you if you get particularly anxious or nervous about presenting in public, or if you’re dealing with stressful work situations. All of that comes from my career as a psychotherapist, which has led me into the wonderful worlds of neuroscience and psychology. I have access to talented associates who can help with those for whom English isn’t the first language, or if you are stuck with making PowerPoint or Prezi as impactful as you would like. And if you’re wanting to roll out bigger coaching programmes, or have a particularly large bid interview to prepare, I will draw on as many associates as you need to make those projects work.