Personal Impact

How do you come across in your organisation? Do you create a chemistry which leaves colleagues thinking that not only are you someone who can deliver technically, but that you are also the kind of person with whom they would want to work? Or perhaps you feel you don’t have enough ‘gravitas’, especially in difficult situations. Whether you’ve had previous communication skills training and wish to refresh your skills, or you are coming to this sort of training for the first time, I can help you explore in depth the business of developing stronger relationships with the people you meet, both internally and externally, and be able to handle your personal impact no matter what the situation.

One of the most important parts of the coaching involves filming and reviewing. And from that we will:

  • explore the whole art and science of making a good impression
  • delve deeper into the importance of how we look and sound in terms of credibility, emphasis, persuasiveness and maintaining attention
  • take a gap analysis i.e. what sort of impact you are making now and where you would like/need to be in the future

There are all sorts of tools and techniques in my communication skills kit bag to help ‘close any gaps’ revealed by the filming. These might include exercises to ensure you:

  • take control of your presence
  • use the right amount of energy for the specific situation
  • keep a clear head and any nerves at bay

What attendees will get out of this course:

  • become more aware of your strengths and how to work on weaknesses
  • have useful, practical tools to implement
  • learn how to acquit yourself with confidence and clarity