Selling through relationships

Many sale programmes focus on marketing processes, competitive strategies and plans. While these are undoubtedly important, the skill of being able to communicate well with existing and potential customers is often tucked away at the end of a course. What if you had the best strategy in the world but your teams were unable to execute it because subsequent client conversations were lack-lustre, boring or missing the point? Communication matters, whatever the situation.

That situation may mean:


So…how are your team members currently perceived by your clients? Do they articulate their messages with real clarity and logic? Do they bring alive those messages in a memorable way or has everyone forgotten what they said two days later? Do they talk with the commitment and enthusiasm that is likely to inspire and motivate? Can they spot opportunities to move the relationships forward and act on these?

At the heart of the answer to all those questions lies good communication.

By the end of this course I expect the attendees to be significantly more aware of the impact they make as individuals when having conversations with clients and to have a clearer understanding of what it takes to communicate well, to share views and opinions in a positive way and to win the trust of colleagues and customers.

This course will give your team the latest thinking on good communication and show them how to apply it to the real world. They will leave with practical and applicable skills that will help them address their sales and marketing challenges with confidence.

What attendees will get out of this course:

  • How to communicate with clarity, passion and consistency
  • How to have the best personal impact for the client situation
  • How to listen well and win trust
  • How to network and come away with leads
  • How to have productive follow-up meetings