Creating Great Content

Whether you are delivering an internal presentation or speaking at a conference, you can have all the charisma in the world, but if your content is the equivalent of a telephone directory, you’ll probably end up failing to get your message across.

How compelling is your argument? How clear and memorable are your messages?

When the challenge necessitates communicating complexity – large quantities of information and/or concepts – how do you bring it all alive in such a way as to keep people awake and engaged?

I work with clients to:

  • clearly understand the object of their presentation and the message they need to deliver
  • avoid getting caught up in the cycle of ‘cut and paste’
  • find the words, the structure and the visuals to create the best impact

When it comes to putting great content together there are 5 key areas:

  • ensuring your audience pays attention: we’ll explore the art and science of creating good openings
  • ensuring your content resonates: if your content isn’t relevant to your audience, they won’t listen!
  • ensuring your content is direct: we’ll examine the effect of fluffy language full of jargon and too many messages
  • ensuring your content has a flow of logic: structuring information is more than creating a list
  • ensuring your content creates pictures in peoples’ minds: we’ll look at ways of avoiding presentations that simply ‘go in one ear and out the other’

What attendees will get out of this course:

  • become more aware of the power of words on an audience – why some words work, and others don’t!
  • have more ideas in terms of visual aids they might want to include (not only PowerPoint, but also Prezi, A0 boards, using graphic designers etc)
  • handle audiences effectively, including answering any questions they might raise